Hey Beautiful! Welcome to Brazen Balms - from Eintou Afryea Ford, PharmD

Welcome to Brazen Balms - where you discover the essence of your boldness and the fragrances made for bright new mornings - inspiring the best you every day! Explore all the natural solid perfumes/colognes created just for you! And get ready to be bold and brazen beautiful!

Brazen Balms was founded by me - Eintou Afryea Ford, PharmD - in the midst of 2020. I'm a mom of 2 boys and pharmacist with many hobbies and passions - but my love for perfumes combined with skin sensitivities caused me to begin Brazen.

Brazen was born out of being a frontline or essential worker in 2020 - as I realized my hobby for creating these fragrances was actually helping me personally tackle the daily challenges of life and work this year. I began sharing the balms with my fellow co-workers in the pharmacy and realized they had the same reaction to it. My goal is to get Brazen Balms into the hands of anyone who could use a natural "boost" or "calm" during these times - whether it be frontline/essential workers, struggling moms & children, really anyone - with the uplifting and calming aromatherapeutic properties. 

I also hope Brazen will help empower other women to be bold and use fragrances to remind them of their beauty and braveness every day!

So try out Brazen and get great to be bold - BEAUTIFUL!

- Eintou Afryea Ford, PharmD | Brazen Balms Founder